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Skull Bones

Bony Anatomy of Mid-Face and The Orbit


1-nasal bone, 2 frontal process of maxilla, 3- lacrimal bone, 4- ethmoid bone,

5- sphenoid bone, 7- zygomatic process of temporal bone, 8- nasal process of frontal bone, blue arrow- optic canal, red arrow- superior orbital fissure, yellow arrow- inferior orbital fissure, green arrow- infraorbital canal.

Inferior Meatus as Seen on Skull Model


C- maxillary crest, V- vomer, IM- inferior meatus, IC- inferior concha, MC- middle concha, star rubber marker leading to nasolacrimal duct opening (arrow).

Bony Anatomy of Posterior Nasal Cavity and Nasopharynx: The Vessels Foramina

Red arrow- sphenopalatine foramen.          Yellow arrow- carotid canal,

    V- vomer, MC-middle concha,      Black arrow leads to bony eustachian canal.

          IC- inferior concha, 

         MM- middle meatus.

The Maxillary Artery

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