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Antrochoanal Polyp

Unilateral polyp arising from right antral mucosa surface (+), enlarging slowly, and finally extrude into middle meatus via accessory meatus (arrow).  [MT - middle meatus, S - nasal septum]

Transnasal nasopharyngoscopy using 70 rigid endoscope (facing upward) showing the choanal segment of an established antrochoanal polyp (P).  (R - right, L - left, TT - torus tubarius, arrow - fossa of Rosenmüller, # - roof of nasopharynx)

Antrochoanal Polyp: The Established Stage [Dumb-Bell]


                        Figure 1                                                 Figure 2 


                           Figure 3                                             Figure 4


Antrochoanal polyp means a polyp arising from the antral mucosa and extending into the posterior choana (dumb bell-shaped) after its exit usually through the accessory ostium. 


Figure 1: origin and attachment of polyp from antral mucosa.

Figure 2: polyp after its exits from left maxillary accessory ostium

Figure 3: posterior extension of polyp into the postnasal space as seen through right nasal cavity

Figure 4: occasionally, longstanding polyp can be seen behind the soft palate or even in the oropharynx


CT-scan usually shows an opacified maxillary sinus on the affected side with soft tissue opacity extending into the nasopharynx.


Watch video of antrochoanal polyp @ YouTube

Polyps Specimen

 Specimen removed from antrochoanal polyp.



Close-up view of excised polyp for histopathological examination.