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Left Cricoarytenoid Joint Prior to Arytenopexy: Human Larynx Specimen

Image shows the articular surface of the left arytenoid and its opposite cricoid facet prior to arytenopexy.  This procedure is performed to correct significant posterior glottic gap and asymmetric height of the arytenoid as occured in long-standing vocal fold palsy.

Arytenopexy: Intraoperative View

This figure shows the articular facet of the left crycoarytenoid joint before the suture inserted to medially rotate and fixed the arytenoid cartilage complex.  Arytenopexy is indicated for correction of large posterior glottic gap not adequately treated with Type I thyroplasty alone.

[Yellow arrow- exposed cricoarytenoid joint, white arrow- posterior edge of thyroid lamina after inferior constrictor muscles resected, interrupted line- the Maragos window made for adequate exposure, Lahey cottonoid pressing onto left pyriform fossa mucosa.  Larynx being rotated to the right by using skin hook]