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Inverted Papilloma


Unilateral nasal polyps in a middle-age patient.  Endoscopic morphology appearance is indistinguishable from ethmoidal polyps. Postnasal space examination revealed a more solid mass crossing over to the contralateral side.  Imaging study is necessary and deep biopsy would show its characteristic histopathologic features. 


Deep biopsy of suspected inverted papilloma.

Hyperplastic antral mucosa after left endoscopic maxillectomy performed.

[N- nasopharynx, MT- middle turbinate]


Watch video of inverted papilloma @ YouTube


Stage I juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma.


Staging systems evolution


Chandler e al, (1984); Sessions et al, (1981); Radkowski et al, (1996)

Haemangioma of Inferior Turbinate




Bleeding benign vascular tumour arising from lateral surface of left inferior turbinate.  It was successfully excised via endoscopic  approach with preservation of uninvolved tissues.


[S - nasal septum,C - blood clot at posterior nasal cavity, IT - inferior turbinate, T - tumour, BD - bipolar suction diathermy probes]


Watch video of Nose Bleeds From Benign Vascular Tumour of Inferior Turbinate @ YouTube 

Bleeding From Hypervascular Haemangioma

Histopathologically confirmed haemangioma (X).

Profuse bleeding from tumour upon manipulation.


Meningioma (histologically-proven) presenting as unilateral nasal blockage and headache.  Endoscopy showed right-sided tumour mass (T) which appeared vascular.  CT-scan revealed tumour extension to anterior skull base

and into right frontal lobe. 

[MT - middle turbinate, IT - inferior turbinate, S - nasal septum]