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Buccal Ulcers

Chronic progressive ulceration of 4 months durations affecting the buccal mucosa of lower lip.  Biopsy showed no evidence of malignancy.  It responded well to topical hyaluronic acid gel application and tapering dose of oral prednisolone.  Images were taken 10 days apart.

Fordyce Granules

Ectopic sebaceous glands known as Fordyce granules or spots involving right buccal mucosa (rounded square].

Prominent Stenson's Duct Opening Surrounded by Fordyce Granules

Buccal Haematoma

Figure shows a small left buccal haematoma occuring along the occlusal line of buccal mucosa complicating accidental bite during meal.  It can be left alone, or aspirated/marsupialized under local anaesthesia spray if symptomatic and bothering the patient.  [SP - soft palate, T - tongue, arrow - haematoma]

A big haematoma (arrow) complicating food injury while chewing.  No other history to suggest blood dyscrasia and patient is not on anticoagulant.

 The same patient reviewed 2 weeks later showing focal fibrin exudates and the haematoma has cleared.

Infected Dental Cyst

Fluctuant abscess (rounded rectangle) originating from an infected dental cyst.  The dead tooth (+) is the root-cause of this lesion.  Pain and swelling above the upper lip are its usual presentation.  (LL - lower lip, UL - upper lip)

Raised anterior floor of nose related to the formed abscess (+).  (S - nasal septum Little's area, IT - inferior turbinate)


Intraoral view showing swollen central alveolus-hard palate area (X).  (+) - dead left 1st upper incisor. 

Bucco-Alveolar Sinus

Figure shows right paramedian sinus (arrow) with mucopus discharge (+) in a patient presented with recurrent swelling involving the skin between the nostril and the upper lip with intra-oral pus taste.  The right anterior floor of nasal cavity was elevated, fluctuant and tender. 

Oral Abscess- (Buccoalveolar Sulcus)


Figure shows abscsess involving left upper buccoalveolar sulcus.

Bucco-labial abscess (+) complicating lower central incisors apical abscess.

 CT-scan in coronal cut showing the dimension and extent of the above patient's abscess.

Another example of an abscess involving the upper right bucco-alveolar region (X). Arrow - draining pus.

Acute Gingivitis with Palatal Infection

A painful ulcerative lesion involving right upper gingiva, alveolus and ipsilateral hard palate in a poorly controlled diabetis patient.

Periapical Abscess

Abscess (arrow) with alveolar resorption.  Caries and tooth discolouration are clearly seen.  The patient wear dentures for his two central incisors. 

Pyogenic Granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma presented as a sessile polyp arising from right upper alveolus end with occasional per-oral bleeding in a 7 month pregnant lady.

Buccoalveolar Granulation Polyps


Bilateral pale granulation polyps (arrow). 



Abnormal Molar Eruption

 A horizontally-erupted 3rd right molar (yellow arrow) with scarring and fibrous mucosal band (white arrow).




 A similar horizontally-erupted 3rd left molar (yellow arrow) of the same patient with scarring and fibrous mucosal band (white arrow).

Buccal Mass

Pedunculated right buccal polyp which felt soft in consistency.

Torus Mandibularis

 Bony hard swellings arising from inner surface of the mandible (arrows).

An ulcerated torus mandibularis (arrow). 

Multiple bony-hard swellings due to torus mandibularis (arrows)

 Torus mandibularis (arrows).

Erythroplakia: A Premalignant Mucosal Lesion

ML- upper molar tooth, T- tongue, star- erythroplakia lesion,

arrows- intervening leukoplakia border.

Gingival-Alveolar Candidiasis

Candidiasis lesion involving cental upper ginvival-alveolar region in a patient wearing dentures.  Pain and fever were his presenting symptoms. 

Buccal Mucosa Candidiasis

Right buccal mucosa candidiasis.

Left buccal mucosa candidiasis.


The patient was treated with oral and topical antifungal therapy.