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Chronic Sinusitis

                   Figure A                                                       Figure B

                       Figure C                                                 Figure D


These figures represent a chronic unilateral sinusitis involving primarily the maxillary sinus.  Fungal sinusitis need to be ruled out with necessary investigations.


Figure A - coronal cut slice of paranasal sinuses CT-scan showing right maxillary sinus involvement.

Figure B - right middle meatus appearance showing osteomeatal complex narrowing and lateral wall mucosal oedema   Brownish materials covered by mucopus seen (arrow).

Figure C - exposed slate-brown materials filling the maxillary sinus prior to removal (arrows).

Figure D - antral mucosa hypertrophy before biopsy taken and remaining diseased mucosa removed.


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Empty Nose Syndrome


Figure shows a coronal cut image of paranasal sinus CT-scan showing absence of inferior turbinates bilaterally.  Over-resection predisposes to disturbance of normal nasal physiology and aerodynamic resulting in persistent troublesome

symptoms of chronic nasal dryness and paradoxical obstruction.