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The Normal Eardrum

The Adult versus A Child's Eardrum


Little's Area & Kiesselbach's Plexus




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A Child's Throat

The oral cavity and oropharyngeal view of a 2 year old child.


Paediatric larynx is sited higher as compared to an adult. The lower border

of cricoid cartilage is located at C3 vertebra at birth and gradually descends

to C6-C7 level by 15 years of age.


It gives some protection from neck injury and even allows feeding

and breathing to occur simultaneously in the neonates. 

Tonsillar enlargement is common in this age group. 


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Paediatric Oral Cavity & Oro-, Hypo-, and Naso-pharynx

[Green dots- uvula, SP-soft palate, T- tonsil, E- epiglottis,

PW- posterior pharyngeal wall, red cross- palatoglossal fold,

yellow star- palatopharyngeal fold, A- adenoids]


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The Laryngopharynx

A Child's Epiglottis

The epiglottis of an 8 year old boy.

Normal Subglottis

The Carina and Tracheal Bifurcation As Seen During Endoscopic Bronchoscopy