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Eardrum Granulations (arrows) Secondary to Recurrent Infection


Granulations (arrows).

Granulations arising from the eardum surface in a poorly-controlled diabetis mellitus and culture positive extended spectrum beta-lactamase resistant Klebsiella pneumonia infection.


Granulations involving the upper free edge of large central perforation with middle ear recovering from active infection upon treatment.  {Arrow - lateral process of malleus]

Adhesion of Middle Ear Structures

Adhesion band involving head of stapes and mucosa of the upper promontory area (arrow).  (1 - stapedius tendon, 2 - round window niche, 3 - distal end of long process of incus, P - promontory)

Healed Eardrum Perforation

           Healed eardrum perforation,                      Healed eardrum perforation

    superior quadrant myringosclerosis.             with pars flaccida retained earwax.

Retracted healed eardrum perforation.

Another example of retraction involving healed perforation segment.

Healed large eardrum perforation.

Healed but retracted double eardrum perforations (+) with persistent middle ear effusion.

An apparent eardrum perforation within the healed and atrophic segment surrounded by remaining sclerotic eardrum.

Healed eardrum perforation made 'stand-out' by surrounding myringosclerosis.


Healed eardrum perforation with minimal sclerotic patch (top left) and the outline of the original perforation edges ( top right).