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Clues to Underlying Eardrum Perforation if Copious Ear Discharge Present

         Mucopurulent discharge                        Air bubbles within discharge

A Recently Perforated Eardrum: A Sequel of AOM

Acute Otitis Media - Resolution of Infection with Small Central Perforation

Resolution of infection after completion of antibiotic therapy in a child who had acute otitis media two week earlier.  Please note smooth and healthy healing edges of the perforation.

Acute Otitis Media: Responds to Treatment (Without Eardrum Perforation)

 Resolving acute otitis media evidenced by decreasing hyperaemia/vascularity.

Yellow-tinged (+) residual effusion in healing acute otitis media.

           Subsiding inflammation                     Meniscus level of thin mucopus.

with thinner middle ear purulent fluid.

Resolving mucopus with residual tinge of subepithelial haemorrhage along the handle of malleus.

Mild eardrum bulge with minimal residual mucopus along inferior rim of eardrum medially and resolving erythema of vascular strip area.

 Resolving mucopus in an otherwise non-inflamed tympanic membrane.


Tympanosclerosis is a potential benign complication of acute otitis media, acute myringitis, or post-trauma. Clinically, it appears as a chalky white material within the eardrum substance.  Dense sclerosis, causes eardrum thickening and may involve the ossicles with impairment of hearing (conductive hearing loss). 

[ 1 - retracted pars tensa, 2 - myringosclerosis plaque, 3 - hypotympanic recess]


 Rim of myringosclerosis (white arrows).  [Green arrow - chorda tympani nerve]

Healed eardrum perforation (+) surrounded by global thickening of pars tensa.

Lower quadrant eardrum thickening (rectangle). 


Healed eardrum perforation (+) with tympanosclerosis plaque (x).

 Tympanosclerosis with anterior pars tensa and attic retractions.