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Nasopharyngeal Cyst

Yellowish-tinge of fluid content.

Bluish-tinge of fluid content.

A co-incidental finding of nasopharyngeal cyst (star) in a patient undergoing flexible transnasal laryngoscopy for laryngeal polyp.  [TT - torus tubarius]


Watch video of nasopharyngeal cyst @ YouTube

Nasopharyngeal Mass

Paramedian mass- Small

Midline mass

An Ulcerated Midline Postnasal Mass

 Endoscopic view from right nasal cavity.


Endoscopic view from left nasal cavity.

 Malignancy need to be ruled out.

M - mass, U - ulcerated area, dotted arrow - Eustachian tube opening.

Nasopharyngeal Polyp

Figure A                                                 Figure B


Figures show a large and obstructive nasopharyngeal polyp causing difficulty in breathing, hyponasal voice and snoring.  Figure A - endoscopic view from right and figure B - endoscopic view from left posterior nasal cavity focusing on the implicated polyp (T).  [IT - inferior turbinate, V - vomer]


The base where the pedicle of the polyp attached (arrow).  View taken 48 hours after its excision.  [V - vomer, R - roof of nasopharynx, TT - torus tubarius, IT - tail of right inferior turbinate.