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Subepithelial Vocal Fold Cyst

Cyst is fluid filled swelling lined by mucosal lining. 

It needs to be excised completely by using microsurgical technique.


          Video of left vocal fold cyst on videostroboscopy.


Watch video of vocal fold cyst with 'Cup & Saucer' effect @ YouTube

Laryngeal Videostroboscopy of Right Vocal Cord Cyst


Right vocal cord cyst (arrow) causing phase asymmetry and abnormal mucosal waves in in laryngeal videostroboscopy examination. 

Intracordal Vocal Fold Cyst: A Fusiform Smooth Swelling

Intracordal Vocal Fold Cyst & Vascular Ectasia


This image shows a swollen left true vocal fold due to an intracordal cyst. 

There is an abnormal capillary on the opposite vocal fold (blue arrow)

which needs to be treated as well.  This vessels predispose to vocal fold haemorrhage with subsequent development of benign vocal lesions and scarring.

Infected Vocal Fold Cyst

Intraoperative view of left vocal fold cyst.

Thick mucopus seen emanating from the cyst  upon infiltration  of adrenaline-mixed saling (the needle tip had gone into the cyst causing its content to leak)

The Medial Flap

 Endoscopic view of left subepithelial vocal fold cyst.


 Close-up view of the cyst.

                  Flap raised after                          Cyst exposed after further

        medial cordotomy performed.                 dissection while care taken

                                                      to avoid rupture.