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Parapharyngeal Mass (Pleomorphic Adenoma of Parotid)

Figure shows an extrinsic mass which had caused medial and downward bulge of the soft palate and pushing the right tonsil towards midline.  The adjacent figure shows the excised specimen- a firm multi-bosselated pleomorphic adenoma.


 Left pleomorphic ex-pleomorphic adenoma of deep lobe of parotid presenting

as a retromandibular swelling (star) with superficial ulcer (arrow)

Retropharyngeal Mass

See videos of large lipoma in the throat (posterior pharyngeal wall) @ YouTube: Video 1 & Video 2

Peritonsillar and Parapharyngeal Abscess

Right peritonsillar and parapharyngeal abscess which finally burst spontaneously and resulted in dramatic improvement of patient symptoms.  Below are the CT-scan slices taken the day before the abscess rupture


Axial cut CT-scan showing a large abscess collection pointing medially.


A lower segment cut at base of tongue-epiglottic level showing the lateral extent of abscess.


Sagittal cut CT-scan showing the vertical extent of abscess from roof of nasopharynx to hypopharynx at about C5 level.

Retropharyngeal Abscess

Prevertebral Abscess

                          Figure A                                              Figure B

Figure C


CT-scan of neck showing large prevertebral abscess with gas formation causing odynophagia, fever, and neck swelling in a poorly-controlled diabetic patient.  The patient was managed surgically with incision and drainage of the abscess, administration of broad spectrum antibiotics, insulin therapy, and intravenous fluid.  Pott's disease needs to be ruled out. Figure A, B, and C are the views in sagittal, coronal, and axial cut respectively.

Intraoperative endoscopic view of the hypopharynx showing obvious swelling (X) caused by the cumulating abscess. 

A laryngeal endoscopic view of another patient with prevertebral abscess.  Fusiform anterior bulge of posterior pharyngeal wall is obvious (+).  The left arytenoid has become inflamed and oedematous.

Ultrasound-Guided Abscess Aspiration

 Arrow - aspirator cannula.



Frank pus aspirated.  Open incision and drainage was subsequently performed. 

Lemierre's Syndrome