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Aural Polyp


    Polyp from middle ear emerging             Polyp arising from external surface

      through an eardrum perforation.                      of posterior pars tensa.

Granulation polyp (arrow) involving posterior quadrant of right pars tensa. 

[X - umbo, (+) - lateral process of malleus. 

Granulation polyp arising from left pars flaccida (arrow).

Round-shaped granulation polyp (+) with adjacent earwax seen just beyond.

 Polyp arising from umbo area which resulted in blood-stained discharge and impaired hearing.

   Polyp filling osseous ear canal with blood-stained discharge.

 Fleshy polyp passing through a medium-sized perforation

[before & after ear toilet].

An inflamed sessile middle ear polyp (circle) in a patient with chronic suppurative otitis media with underlying chronic mastoiditis.  [A - anterior, I - Inferior, S - superior, + malleus remnant, interrupted black line - edges of subtotal perforation] 

Polyp (+) arising from postero-marginal region of pars tensa. 

[A - anterior, P - posterior, D - ear discharge, arrow - lateral process of malleus]




An obstructive polyp filling the right ear introitus (+) in a patient with suspected having cholesteatoma.  She had right-sided LMN facial palsy a year before which fully recovered with treatment.  However, histopathology suggestive of paraganglioma.  [T - tragus]

Middle Ear Polyp: Blunt Probing


Images shows a true polyp arising from middle ear mucosa.  Probing with blunt ring curette reveals its origin from the malleus handle supriorly (yellow arrow). Polypectomy by snaring or by using sharp instrument is preferred rather than by avulsion technique as to avoid potential ossicular injury.

[green arrow- facial nerve, dotted dark blue circle- round window niche, light blue circle- eustachian tube opening, dotted red- eardrum perforation margin]

Hyperplastic middle ear mucosa with a polyp arising from the promontory.

Ear Polyp Removal

Snare device suitable to be used for pedunculated granulation/polyp or those

with thin pedicle arising from external ear canal.  Temporary brisk bleeding

is to be expected and can be controlled with topical adrenaline pack.