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Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy

Endoscopic Dacrocytorhinostomy: Intraoperative Images

 Lacrimal sac in view with agger nasi cell uncapped.

 Mucopus drained upon incision of lacrimal sac.

 Small calculi found obstructing valve or Krause.

 Silicone threads in place secured with Liga clips and flap re-draped.

Gelfoam applied.


Images depict left-sided endoscopic DCR.


[MT - middle turbinate, A - agger nasi cell, S - nasal septum, F - flap, LS - lacrimal sac, P - pus, C - calculi, G - gelfoam]


Image courtesy and surgery by Dr. Jeevanan Jahendran @ Pantai Hospital Cheras