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Distal Submandibular Duct Callculi: A Swollen Focal Area


 Arrow - the anatomically blocked duct area caused by the calculi.



Midline Floor of Mouth Cystic Lesion

Differential diagnosis includes ranula, plunging ranula, dermoid cyst, epidermoid cyst, haemangioma, and lymphangioma.  Examine the submental and submandibular regions for evidence of swelling if any (can be symmerical, asymmetric, or unilateral).  Imaging delineate the anatomical boundaries and extent of lesion and helps in the planning the surgical approach.

 Figure shows diffuse submental swelling (+) which extends to the anterior border of submandibular fossa and encroaching hyoid bone posteriorly.


Ranula: Intraoperative View


 R - ride side, L - left side, (+) - ranula, white arrows - Whartons's duct openings, yellow arrow - submandibular duct, green arrow - lingual vein.



Haemangioma of Floor of Mouth

Radiology and histologically-confirmed cavernous haemangioma of floor of mouth.