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Hair Fragments

2 pieces of hair fragments which unintentionally entered the ear canal

during hair cut.  Epithelial migration can eventually extrude it naturally.

A long hair fragment reaching lateral process of malleus which had caused irritating sensation in the ear.

Foreign Body Just Beyond External Ear Introitus

Although easily visible, its removal often end up being done under general anaesthesia in children due to fear and uncooperativeness.

Round-Shaped Foreign Body- Instrument for Its Removal

Figure shows a round-shaped foreign body in the ear canal.  Ring-curette or angled/spoon-shaped instrument as illustrated are suitable to be used for its removal.  Crocodile forceps can be slippery and unsuitable for this purpose. 

Small foreign body can also be removed by syringing provided

there is no eardrum perforation.

Foreign Body Removal by Using Suctioning Technique

A shiny diamond-shaped foreign body being removed by using suction cannula under endoscopic view. Inset figure in the right is the dimension of the foreign body.

Gravel in The Ear with Traumatic Laceration

Figure show gravel impacted deep in the ear canal and surrounding fresh blood due to laceration caused by the foreign body.

Quire's Ear Forceps


 At rest.


In engaged position (upturn end) to sinuate and rake out foreign body (FB) - typically suitable for round-shaped FB.

Foreign Body: Organic Material

Chilli fragment which had caused right ear irritation and pain in a 3 year old boy. 

Cotton Bud Tip-Related Issues

Foreign Body in The Ear Canal

Cotton tip usage is not necessary as the ear canal has self cleasing property. 

It can potentialy cause injury and foreign body impaction.  This image shows retained cotton of Q-tip cotton left inside the osseous meatus

with surrounding epithelial reactions.

Retained cotton with evolving otomycosis.

2 pieces of Q-tip fragments impacted beyond the second isthmus

of ear canal without local reactions.

Ear canal wall abrasion (arrow).

Impacted cotton bud tip with blood-stained discharge and reactive otitis externa.

Left cotton fibre (dotted rectangle) in the ear canal from cotton bud usage.

Peri-handle of malleus perforation complicating cotton bud tip impaction with acute otitis media.  Arrow - exposed handle of malleus, TM - tympanic membrane, 1 - lateral process of malleus, 2 - umbo.

Removal of Foreign Body Stains by Using Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide


Deeply impacted foreign body (X) in the right ear canal which was identified as softened broken dark blue colour pencil nib.  The ear canal surface and the eardrum were heavily stained by the melted nib particles. 




Bubbles in in diluted hydrogen peroxide help in detaching adhered smears of the foreign body particles attached on deeper external auditory canal and tympanic membrane (TM) surfaces.




Minimal residual stains which will eventually be cleared by intrinsic epithelial migration.  A short course of antibiotic eardrop was prescribed.

Foreign Body in The Ear: Insect

        Foreign body in osseous meatus            Removed ants fragment.

           with secondary otitis externa.            

Trapped insect in right auditory meatus which had caused troubling tinnitus and was found dead upon examination.  Left upper image - pre ear toilet view.

Cockroach in the ear.

Cochroach rendered dead by instilling olive oil prior to its removal.




Live spider in the ear - before (left) and after (right) its removal.

Blood-Sucking Ectoparasite in The Ear Canal


The recovered dead tic.


 Live tick with its proboscis embedded into the introitus of the ear canal.  The black materials are its faecal material.  This patient also has impacted earwax.

A dog tic with proboscis embedded in the tissue of tympanic annulus.

Embedded Earring

 A partially-embedded earring in the right ear lobule (top left figure) and after its manipulation (top right figure) prior to removal.

Removed earring showing its components.