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Infected Pre-auricular Sinus with Abscess Formation

Indurated swelling due to infected preauricular sinus tract with abscess formation.

 Healthy granulation tissue 1 week after incision and drainage of abscess.  The cavity is continuous with the preauricular sinus opening (white arrow) and minimal residual pus is seen (green arrow).  Delayed suturing was performed at a later date once the cavity is shallow, clean, and the infection cured.

Pre-auricular Abscess: Incision and Drainage

Formal incision and drainage followed by copious irrigation and wick dressing of the cavity formed by the abscess.  Arrow points to preauricular sinus opening.

Preauricular Sinus Infection



An infected pre-auricular sinus with surrounding cellulitis and early perichondritis of the pinna.

Cellulitis Lobule of Pinna

Lobule Abscess

Induration of lobule with underlying abscess formation complicating an impacted earring stopper.

Removed stopper/clip of the earring (circle).

Another example of ear lobule abscess. 


Induration and oedema involving left lateral facial skin. scalp, the whole pinna, postauricular skin and upper neck due to streptococcal infection.  Cervical lymphadenitis present (arrow).  It responds well to penicillin group of antibiotic.

The ipsilateral ear showed bulla formation (below figure).

X - bulla with yellowish fluid content, arrow - lateral process of malleus.

Pinna Abscess

Tense, tender, and fluctuant abscess of left pinna. 


Healed lesion with deformed pinna. 



             Generalized inflamed pinna.                Partially subsided inflammation

                                                                           with irregular swollen surface.

Perichondritis with Subperichondrial Abscess

Perichondritis is painful pinna condition.  Inflammation can proceed to pus formationin in the subperichondrial plane.                                      


Diagnostic aspiration revealed seropurulent fluid.