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Lateral Soft Tissue X-ray of Neck

Laryngeal Cartilage Calcifications

Figure shows calcifications involving cricoid and thyroid cartilages which occur upon ageing.  Ossification of the cartilage begins around 25 years of age and involves the hyaline cartilages. It predisposes to fractures in adults, diagnostic confusions in foreign body impaction, and technical difficulty in making midline thyrotomy & upon making thyroplasty window in laryngeal framework surgery.

Another example of laryngeal cartilages calcification [rounded rectangle] mainly involving the cricoid.  The epiglottis is made up of elastic cartilage and never ossify.

CT-scan of Larynx: Arytenoid Cartilage

CT-scan of Larynx: Cricoid Cartilage

High Resolution CT-scan of Thorax: Bronchopulmonary Imaging Anatomy