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Acute Mastoiditis

Inflamed left postauricular and mastoid region.

 Inflamed and narrowed ear canal.

Haziness of mastoid air cells as compared to contralateral normal side, 

Chronic Discharging Ear in CSOM Secondary to Mastoid Infective Reservoir

Posteriot pars tensa retraction with persistent otorrhoea.

Copious left ear discharge in a child with chronic mastoiditis.

Mastoid X-ray showing sclerosis of left mastoid (above) in keeping with chronic mastoiditis.

Mastoid X-ray of the normal side.

Recurrent Mastoiditis with Attic Polyp in An Adult

Figure shows right attic polyp in a patient with recurrent mastoiditis (arrow) complicating into post-auricular abscess formation.  Erythema and swelling of overlying mastoid skin (circle) seen as well as an overlying linear surgical scar.

Mastoid Abscess

 Inflamed, tender, and fluctuant right postauricular-mastoid swelling.

Thick abscess drained upon skin incision.  The abscess cavity was then irrigated with saline and diluted povidine.  Temporary drain was inserted while continuing antibiotic therapy until significant improvement observed.


Right post-auricular painless soft swelling overlying mastoid area and normal skin texture.

An axial cut MRI T1-weighted image.

An axial cut MRI T2-weighted image.



Lipoma - an excised specimen.