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Cholesteatoma Surgery



i.Removal of all diseased cells and mucosa.

ii.Creation of a single, smooth, non-doctor dependent, non-discharging cavity with good hearing preservation and no dizziness.


Ref: KP Mowarni.  How I Do It: Inside-Out Mastoidectomy. J Ind Soc Otol. 2002:1(1):1-5.

Cortical Mastoidectomy

This is an operation in which the mastoid antrum and air cells are converted into single cavity with preservation of middle middle ear content. 
Its indications include:
i. Acute mastoiditis not responding to medical therapy.
ii. Mastoid abscess.
iii. Recurrent or chronic otitis media in which diseased mastoid suspected to be the reservoir of infection.
iv. As preliminary approach to other surgical procedure e.g. cochlear implant, vibrant soundbridge placement, facial nerve decompression, etc.

Simple Cortical Mastoidectomy

Mastoidectomy: Modified Radical


               Endaural skin incision           Retraction of skin & exposure of mastoid


 Peeling off keratin flakes from the matrix            Aditus & scutum area

            Drilling the bridge                      Mastoid packing after meatoplasty made