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Viral Bullous Myringitis

Vesicle/bleb arising from the eardrum surface with surrounding inflammations.

 Severely inflamed osseous ear canal and eardrum with glistening bulla seen.




Early blisters of viral myringitis. Note inflamed deeper auditory meatus  with patchy haemorrhagic spots and increased vascularity along handle of malleus area.



Bulla (+) occuring over cone of light area surrounded by an inflamed eardrum.

      Haemorrhaghic bullous myringitis        Large haemorrhagic bulla (+) which was

                   (bullae - arrows).                          initially thought due to tick by the

                                                                                   referring physician!

 Mixed non-haemorrhagic (1) and haemorrhagic (arrow) bullae of an infected eardrum.  Top left figure is the endoscopic view before treatment and top right 1 week later.  Complete recovery is to be expected.  [1,2,3,4 - bullous lesion]

Another image showing bleb of myringitis (+) affecting right eardrum.

 Multiple blebs of left eardrum.

 Fresh blood from a recently burst haemorrhagic bleb in the left ear canal.  

[TM - tympanic membrane, Star - blood within unruptured blister]

Another example of bullae with recent bleeds.


 Bleeding due to spontaneous rupture of the haemorrhagic bulla.


Bluish blister arising from the osseous meatus skin lining which had caused blocked ear sensation and reduced hearing.

Shrinking haemorrhagic bullous (x).  Arrow - lateral process of mallelus.