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S- nasal septum, IT- tail of inferior turbinate, Star- adenoids


Watch video of nasal endoscopy appearance of adenoids @ YouTube

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Nasopharyngeal Lymphoids as Seen by Using Transoral Nasopharyngoscopy Technique

70 degree endoscope view of nasopharynx showing nasopharyngeal lymphoid tissue (L) in adult (known as adenoid in children).  [SP - salpingopharyngeal fold. PP - palatopharyngeal fold. arrow - right Eustachian tube opening]

Infected and Inflamed Nasopharyngeal Lymphoid Tissue


Watch video of infected nasopharyngeal lymphoid tissue @ YouTube

Nasopharyngitis: Mucopus Discharge from Crypts of Adenoids



2 different adult patients with similar infected nasopharyngeal lympohoids appearance (above and below figure).


Acute Nasopharyngitis


 Patchy areas of inflammation with adjacent fibrinous exudates and mucous in a patient presented with blood-stain coughs and high fever a day earlier.  Lymphoid tissue of torus is affected as well.  [L - nasopharyngeal lymphoids, TT - torus tubarius, IT - tail of inferior turbinate, V - vomer, SP - dorsal surface of soft palate]. 

Confluent fibrinous exudate overlying nasopharyngeal lymphoid tissue (+). 

[V - vomer, T - torus tubarius]

Close-up view of infected nasopharyngeal lymphoids (X).  (V - vomer)

Tubal and Peri-Tubal Tonsils

This figure  shows a significantly enlarged tubal/peritubal tonsils (TT).  It can occurs alone or in-combination with midline postnasal lymphoid hyperplasia

and potentially contribute to eustachian tube dysfunction

or becomes a reservoir of latent infection. 

[V- vomer, R- foof of nasopharynx, TT-tubal/peritubal tonsils, arrow- nasopharyngeal end of eustachian tube opening]

 Nasopharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia with peritubal tonsils.

Postnasal Drip and Lymphoid Hyperplasia

Copious mucopus postnasal drip in a patient presenting with prolonged coughs, asthenia and blocked ear sensation complicating delayed diagnosis of sinusitis.

The endoscopic view of the same patient after the mucopus suctioned.  Lymphoid hyperplasia is evident particularly at torus tubarius (TT) and superior segment of Fossa of Rosenmuller towards the nasopharyngeal roof.