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Vocal Fold Nodules



Vocal fold nodules are symmetrical free edge swelling typically located at the junction between anterior 1/3rd to posterior 2/3rd of the vocal fold.  It is associated with phonotrauma caused by voice misuse, overuse, or abuse.  Speech therapy is the preferred management for early/soft nodules with microlaryngeal surgery reserved for more mature/fibrous nodules.  In some,early surgical intervention is justified.


Hourglass appearance of glottic aperture upon phonation in vocal fold nodules.


Watch video of vocal fold nodules @ YouTube




Vocal Fold Nodules: Intraoperative

Before Surgery                                      After Surgery


Image on the left also shows evidence of subcordal oedema which is one

of the finding strongly suggestive of laryngopharyngeal reflux disease.


Watch video on microlaryngeal surgery of vocal fold nodules @ YouTube