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Cleft Palate

Cleft palate causes difficulty in feeding, nasal regurgitations, and hyponasality.  It predisposes to eustachian tube dysfunction with formation of "glue" ear for which

insertion of a ventilation tube being commonly indicated.

      Arrow- split uvula, star- hard palate,             The nasopharyx in a patient

    circles- posterior end of upper alveolar                  with cleft soft palate.

 ridge, square- tail of right inferior turbinate.


See video of bifid uvula by Dr Vetri @ YouTube


Eardrum atelectasis as a complication of chronic eustachian tube dysfunction

in an elderly patient despite repaired cleft palate.

Patechial Haemorrhage in Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever


Close-up view of soft palate patechiae. 

Palatal patechiae when the platelet count was 34 x 109 /L.

The palatal lesion of the same patient 2 days later when the platelet count has improved.

Generalized maculopapular rash - "islands of whites in the seas of red"

Close-up view of the rash involving the leg 2 days later.

Bruises at branula insertion sites (volar aspect of left wrist) in a patient with platelet count of 11 x 109/L

Close-up view of soft palate patechiae. 
Close-up view of soft palate patechiae. 


 Intra-oral lesions of measles. 



Buccal mucosa lesions.  Koplik's spot appears in early stage of the disease.



 The typical maculopapular rash of measles with centrifugal pattern of eruption - the limbs affected last.

Oral Thrush or Candidiasis


 Early palatal candidiasis manifested as mucosal induration (X) with focal areas of white curds at its periphery.  The patient also has severe candida oesophagitis and perianal herpes simplex which give clue to underlying immune-suppression state.

Diffuse oral thrush involving the palate and oropharynx.

Oropharyngeal thrush.

Another example of oral thrush in a patient using high dose corticosteroid inhaler.


Watch video of mouth and throat candidiasis @ YouTube

Torus Palatinus


Typical site: along midline of hard palate.

Mucosal ulceration over torus.

Torus which has becomes bigger and encroaching denture edge.


'Giant' asymptomatic torus maxillaris (T).  [SP - soft palate] 

Torus Palatinus Surgery


Surgical removal of large and symptomatic torus palatinus.  Mucoperiosteal flap (arrows) was raised and preserved, later to be sewn back to cover the raw drilled area.  [+ - torus, sp - soft palate, a - alveolar ridge]


Surgery by Dr. Jeevanan Jahendran.

Soft Palate Growth

 SP - soft palate, U - uvula, T - Tongue, dotted circle -soft palate growth.


Close-up view. 


The view post-excision. 

Soft Palate Mass and Tumour

Lymphoma presenting as right-sided soft palate tumour.

Palatal Haemangioma

Long-standing large haemangioma involving left side of hard and soft palate, uvula, and tonsil.

Soft Palate Dysplasia

Figure shows mucosal appearance of soft palate in a histologically-confirmed dysplasia.  Intervening borders beween nornal (anteriorly) and affected area (posteriorly) are clearly seen.

Close-up view of the most dysplastic area.

Leukoplakia and Chronic Non-Healing Ulcer

Non-healing ulcer of palate over 4 months duration (arrow) with surrounding area or leukoplakia.  Malignancy need to be ruled out by taking biopsy.