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Phonotrauma with Fibrin Formation


  It is important to address on voice rest during acute laryngitis.  Additional phonotrauma may end-up with the risk of scar formation and further worsens the voice quality.  Strict voice rest is advocated initially and later to limited usage.


Watch video of vocal folds fibrin formation complicating voice overused @ YouTube




Vocal folds fibrin complicating voice overused during acute laryngitis.  

Phononotrauma with Thickened Vocal Folds Free Border

Chronic Phonotrauma Resulting in Irregular Excrescence of Vocal Folds Free Edge

                        At rest                                              During phonation


Vocal Fold Subepithelial Haemorrhage


 Subepithelial haemorrhage secondary to phonotrauma.  Patient was advised for complete voice rest initially for 3-5 days followed by limited and gradual voice use to normal.  No other significant vocal fold pathology. 

Evidence of LPR noted over arytenoid mucosa and interarytenoid area.


Watch video of acute vocal fold haemorrhage @ YouTube

Video 1                         Video 2