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A well-formed opening in a recently operated patient. Insertion

of voice prosthesis can be done as a secondary procedure.

Provox Voice Prosthesis


Provox® 1


Provox® 2


Provox NID (Non-Indwelling) voice prosthesis set


From top to bottom: dilator, provox voice prosthesis with ring-shaped silicone anchor, inserter, flushing cannula with balloon, brush attached to its handle.

Provox-Vega voice prosthesis with smartinserter.

Measurement Device/Sizer for Voice Prosthesis [Provox]

This sizer is used to determine the appropriate size of voice prosthesis prior to insertion into tracheoesophageal fistula.

Voicemaster Voice Prosthesis Inserter

Voicemaster prosthesis attached to its introducer prior to insertion.

Provox Voice Prosthesis In-Situ

Post-insertion image of Provox Vega (arrow).

Brush cleaning accessory provided with the package to clean the external channel of the prosthesis.

Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis


                   Low-pressure 16F                                         Duck-Bill 

How to Speak by Using Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis

The patient has to take a good breath prior to phonation.  Upon expiration, the thumb need to occlude the end-tracheostomal opening and he will then start to speak.  This act, allow the air from the lungs to be diverted through the tracheoesophageal prosthesis lumen and then directed upwards in the upper oesophagus.  Vibration of pharyngoesophageal segment mucosa produces voice which then converted to words and sentences upon articulation. 

Good pulmonary reserve and control of expiration

allows patient to speak longer with more phonation output.

The inner flange of Provox II (left) and Voice Master (right) voice prostheses

as seen through rigid oesophagoscope channel.


Watch video of Fistula Track and Upper Oesophageal Lumen Evaluation Prior to Voice Prosthesis Replacement @ YouTube


Listen to Tracheoesophageal Voice Upon Reading The Rainbow Passage and Endoscopic Pharyngeal Assessment @ YouTube

Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis- An Example of Flushing Cleaning Device

Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis Accessories

 Shower aid: Protector from water aspiration


    Stopper/Plug to be used as a measure to temporarily

stop leakage through the voice prosthesis.

Voice Prosthesis Blockage Resulting in Valve Dysfunction


Infected Voice Prosthesis

     Neglected, deformed, malfunctioned      Removed prostheses with evidence

        and heavily infected prosthesis.                            of infection.

Fungal infection showing pronounce involvement on the internal flange surface especially the valve & hood area with early deformation of its edges.

Deformed Duck-Bill valve (rectangle) causing leak of fluid into trachea upon meals.

Electronic Larynx by TruTone

The device without intra-oral accessory.  The vibrating diaphragm is at its right end which is pressed onto patient neck while patient vocalized simultaneously with the switch-on button pressed.

The device with intra-oral accessory.  It inserted inside oral cavity and pressed onto buccal mucosa while the patient vocalized simultaneously with the switch-on button pressed. 

How to Speak by Using an Electrolarynx


The vibrating diaphragm of the neck-type of electrolarynx (e.g. Servox) being pressed firmly onto the surface of neck or under the chin.  Its button will be press as the patient speaks and the tone delivered into the oropharynx and oral cavity which finally converted to words and sentences upon articulation.

Hands-free attachment accesory of TruTone.