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Reinke's Oedema

Reinke's oedema of polypoid corditis is a generalised oedema of the

subepithelial space with cumulation of gelatinous/myxomatous material. 

It can occur unilaterally or bilaterally.  Treament is by microsurgical

aspiration and alleviating the predisposing factor- usually smoking. 

Still image on fiberoptic laryngoscopy.


 Severe Reinke's oedema as seen during direct laryngoscopy.

Vascularity pattern in Reinke's oedema.


Video of Reinke's oedema on rigid laryngoscopy.


Watch video of Reinke's oedema intraoperative assessment @ YouTube

An Ulcerated Reinke's Oedema



Reinke's Oedema: Intraoperative

           Gel-like substance (arrows)                         Lateral cordotomy       

       Suctioning  of excess material                 View at completion of surgery


Video of Reinke's oedema on examination under general anaesthesia.


Watch video of Reinke's oedema microlaryngeal surgery @ YouTube.