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Movements of The Vocal Process of Arytenoid Upon Phonation

These figures show the movements of arytenoid vocal process upon phonation.

The pyramidal-shaped arytenoid cartilage sits on the upper surface of the cricoid cartilage on its supero-lateral aspect. It is a saddle synovial joint which allows arching movements along the transverse axis of the articular facet. The movement is better seen inferiorly by retrograde trans-tracheostomal or via a T-tube/fenestrated tracheostomy tube. Please note as the vocal folds adduct, the vocal processes move medially and slightly tilted downwards.

[White dot- tip of vocal process, yellow triangle- vocal process of arytenoid,

curve interrupted line-the medially rotated articular facet of the

cricoid cartilage medial edge].

Arytenoid Mobility: Intraoperative Assessment

Crico-Arytenoid Joint Mobility Testing Under General Anaesthesia (GA)

Video clip showing a normal right arytenoid complex movements indicating a normal cricoarytenoid joint mobility despite presence of posterior glottic scar.

Arytenoid Oedema


Figure shows a glistening and markedly swollen left arytenoid mucosal oedema

in a patient presented with an acute globus sensation upon swallowing

associated with mild left-sided throat pain.


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Inflamed and markedly swollen arytenoids mucosa (+) caused by bacterial infection. (R - right, L - left).