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The Anterior Commissure As Seen During Direct Laryngoscopy (DL-scopy)

Linear vertical line- midline, yellow dotted circle- anterior commissure

Surface Landmark of The Anterior Commisure on Excised Specimen of Human Larynx

These images shows the landmark of the anterior commissure

of the vocal folds.  The surface landmark is located halfway along the midline between the superior thyroid notch and the inferior border

of the thyroid cartilage along the horizontal axis.

The Normal Posterior Commissure

At rest.

During phonation.

The Posterior Commissure Under General Anaesthesia (GA)

This is the endoscopic view of the interarytenoid/posterior commissure

when the muscles being paralysed under GA.


Watch video of posterior commissure lesions @ YouTube

Video 1                           Video 2                       Video 3

Posterior Commissure Scar

Scar (+), A - arytenoid complex, arrow - anterior.

Posterior Commissure Mass

Midline posterior commissure mass cause by benign neurogenic tumour.