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Dentigerous Cyst

Cyst of maxilla (X) presenting as a small hard palate swelling and nagging pain.

Periapical Cyst


C - cyst, P - upper labial frenulum, 9 - left central incisor, 10 - left lateral incisor.




 3D reconstructed CT-scan showing bony defect where the cyst located.

Orbital Floor Fracture

CT-scan in coronal view showing left orbital floor defect with herniation of soft tissue into the maxillary cavity (arrow).  The so-called teardrop sign is shown.
Orbital fat herniation (F) due to orbital floor fractures (F) as seen on antrum endoscopy.  Interrupted lines is the imaginary line of the orbital floor.

Orbital Floor Fracture with Inferior Rectus Muscle Prolapse


 Right orbital blow-out fracture associated with inferior rectus muscle and intraorbital fat prolapse into right maxillary sinus with haemosinus formation.  Blood is seen in more posterior cuts as gravitational effect taken place in supine during CT-scan.

Maxillary Fracture

3D-reconstructed CT-scan of facial bones showing the sites of fractures (arrows). 
 Axial cut CT-scan in bone window showing fractures involving the the anterior and posterolateral wall of left maxillary sinus  with haemosinus air-fluid level.  The patient have left malar numbness due to infraorbital nerve palsy and paraesthesia of left upper incisors and premolars.

Zygomatic Fractures


Depressed fractures of right zygomatic arch. 

Epidermal Cyst


An infected epidermal cyst (arrow).




Another example of swelling caused by an epidermal cyst (arrow).  Unlike sebaceous cyst, no punctum present.