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Herpes Labialis

Focal vesiculopapular lesions of Herpes labialis (dotted rectangle]. 

Lip Abscess

A recently ruptured upper lip abscess (arrow) surrounded by dry blood stain.  The abscess complicates an injury to the upper lip following a fall.


Candidiasis presenting as white curd-like lesions involving the lip as part of more diffuse intra-oral involvement.  Parenteral antifungal treatment was given.

Traumatic Granuloma

Small granuloma involving buccal surface of lower lip complicating accidental bite.

Lower Lip Benign Polyps

Histologically-confirmed benign polyps.



 An extravasated mucocoele (arrow) - histologically confirmed by histopathological examination.



Lip Ulcer

A large aphthous ulcer (dotted circle). 

Lip Oedema Complicating Chin Cellulitis

Left-sided lower lip oedema occurring in a patient having chin cellulitis.  The latter complicates to abscess formation for which incision and drainage was performed.

Traumatic Lip Laceration

A deep upper lip laceration with visible orbicularis oculi muscle fibres and few blood vessels exposed.  Surgical toilet, debridement, and suturing with good apposition are vital.  An antibiotic course and pain relief medication was prescribed.




Traumatic laceration affecting left side of the lower lip with white foreign body particles seen in view upon wound exposure (arrows).