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Subglottic Stenosis

Circumferential subglottic stenosis consisting of thin web.

Close-up view of the circumferential subglottic web.

Subglottic Mucosal Scar

Ellipse - posterior subglottic mucosal scar complicating prolonged endotracheal intubation, arrow -  suprastomal granulation ( patient had tracheostomy performed due to airway obstruction).

Subglottic Dense Scar with Resultant Stenosis

Before surgery.  (+) - dense scar, arrow - anterior, R - right, L - left.  Tracheostomy tube seen just below the lesion.

After CO2 laser excision.

Subglottic Mass

Subglottic Tumour

An exuberant and obstructive subglottic tumour caused by direct invasion of thyroid carcinoma. 

Subglottic Ulcerations with Cricotracheal Stenosis

PC - posterior commissure, T - true vocal fold. 


 Close-up view of subglottis showing infected mucosal ulcerations (X) and established cricotracheal stenosis (dashed circle).  T - true vocal fold.