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Venous Dilatation of Tongue Base

Lingual Tonsils Hypertrophy


Rigid 70 degree endoscopic view of tongue base region. 

[T- lingual tonsils, U- uvula]

Flexible endoscopic view of tongue base region just above the velopharyngeal isthmus level.  [T - lingual tonsils, SP - soft palate, E - epiglottis]


 Another example of lingual tonsils (T) as seen by using distal chip flexible endoscope.  [T - lingual tonsils, U - uvula, E - epiglottis]

Lingual Tonsillitis

Figure shows a resolving lingual tonsillitis (circles).  Minute whitish exudates

are visible at its cypts. It presents with sorethroat and pain upon swallowing.


 Another example of lingual tonsillitis.

Infected lingual tonsils as seen by using flexible endoscope. (E- epiglottis)

Base of Tongue & Vallecula Lymphoid Follicles Infection with Ulcers Formation

E - epiglottis, U - uvula, T - tonsil.

Lingual Tonsil: Cryptic Entrapped Material

The intense white area represent the materials entrapped within he crypt.

Base of Tongue Mass

                       Haemangioma                            Squamous cell carcinoma


 Midline mass with intact mucosal covering.



Base of tongue tumour causing dysphagia and fishbone impaction

at right pyriform fossa (circle). T- tumour, L- larynx

Vallecula Cyst

Vallecula cust encroaching lingual surface of epiglottis.


This cyst had caused a lump sensation upon swallowing and became bigger due to infection. Thick mucopus extruded under pressure upon uncapping and suctioned. The remaining cyst wall was then removed. An antibiotic course and throat gargle was prescribed.