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Post-Traumatic Foreign Body in Soft Tissue

 Embedded radiopaque foreign bodies in soft tissue of chin.


 Fragments fo porcelain removed from the patient as depicted in the X-ray above.

Abrasions Post-Throat Packing

Mucosal abrasions of soft palate, uvula and tonsillar pillar complicating throat packing in a patient undergoing endoscopic nasal surgery.  Throat pack reduce risk of potential swallowing or aspiration of blood and infected secretion in the immediate moments of general anaesthesia reversal and upon extubation of endotracheal tube.  Careful insertion of throat pack is necessary to avoid additional discomfort or pain beside the primary operation site.

Another patient with indurated palate and uvula who complaint of sore throat after endoscopic nasal surgery.


Multiple punctate bruise affecting mostly the uvula and superficial abrasions involving the palatoglossal folds medially 24 hours after throat pack removal in a patient who underwent endoscopic sinus washout.  These superficial mucosal lesions resolved readily.

Traumatic Throat Pack Insertion

Oedematous uvula and submucosal bruise involving uvula, palatoglossal fold and distal soft palate secondary to improper insertion of throat pack in a patient who had endoscopic sinus surgery with antral irrigation.

Foreign Body (Fish Bone) in Tonsillar Tissue

Tip of foreign body (fish bone) seen in the left supratonsillar cleft surrounded by erythematous mucosa. 

An obvious foreign body (arrow) sticking out from the left tonsil and directed posteromedially which was finally removed under general anaesthesia. (T - tonsil)

Impacted fishbone of right tonsil (arrow) in a 5 year old child.


Watch video of deeply buried fish bone in the tonsil @ YouTube

Fishbone Impaction Into Tonsillar Tissue: A Delayed Presentation

A long fishbone (arrow) deeply pricking into right tonsil with its free end pinning the ipsilateral hypopharyngeal mucosa upon swallowing.  The foreign body has been there for a week and had caused otalgia, fever and neck pain.

Mucosal laceration with overlying fibrin of the respective ends.

The dimension of the fishbone removed (arrow) being compared to standard wooden spatula (ws).

Submucosal Fish Bone Impaction Into Lingual Tonsil

Submucosal fish bone impaction at right lingual tonsil.

A 3 cm long fish bone impacted at left lingual tonsil with its free end lying transversely towards the opposite site.

[E - epiglottis, U - uvula, LT - lingual tonsil, arrow - fishbone]


Watch video of fish bone impaction in lingual tonsil @ YouTube

Kaluskar Foreign Body Removal Forceps


The widely used forceps for the purpose of foreign body removal in the oropharynx, especially at the tongue base and vallecula areas. Suited for linear or slim foreign objects.  Slender tip, serrated, with sideway movements.  Blackened/ebonized to reduce reflections from lights use and differentiate better with the surrounding mucosa and foreign material.  Alternatively, other angled instruments

like Negus tonsil artery forceps can be use. 

Solid Fishbone Impaction In The Pharynx with Retropharyngeal Cellulitis

Foreign Body In Hypopharynx: Fish Bone

 A complete vertebra of fishbone impacted at hypopharynx-cricopharynx junction causing severe distress in a patient born with cognitive impairment.  (E - epiglottis, F - foreign body, PPW - posterior pharyngeal wall)

Endoscopic Removal of A Completely Embedded Foreign Body in Hypopharyngeal Tissue

 The posterior hypopharyngeal wall showing a linear indurated area without obvious puncture wound seen.



 Fine tip monopolar diathermy was used to make a small vertical cut over the most likely site of the proximal end of the foreign body (blunt probing was performed earlier to confirm its position).



 Linear foreign body removed using a suitable forceps.



 The foreign body measuring about 2 cm in length.

Foreign Body: Dentures in The Oesophagus

       X-ray of neck: AP view                            X-ray of chest: Lateral view

1 - rigid oesophagoscope, 2 - serrated grasping forceps, 3 - dentures removed.

Endoscopic-Assisted Rigid Oesophagoscopy & Removal of Fish Bone

RO - rigid oesophagoscope, OM - oesophageal mucosa, X - fish bone, GF - grasping forceps, PE - left pharyngoepiglottic fold, E - epiglottis.

Endoscopic Oesophagoscopy : Removal of Impacted Chicken Bone

Oesophageal Laceration


 Punctate submucosal haemorrhage and lacerated oesophageal mucosa (arrows) caused by sharp ends of impacted foreign body (FB).

 The implicated foreign body (FB).  The endoscope (1) has a diameter of 5 mm for measurement purpose.

Intraluminal View of Oesophagus in Foreign Body Impaction: Meat Bolus

  Impacted meat bolus with surrounding               Submucosal haematoma.

     oedema and muscular spasm.                

Stuck Jackfruit In Upper Oesophagus

Intraluminal View of Oesophagus in Foreign Body Impaction: Coin

Endoscopic view of coin impacted in upper oesophageal lumen as seen through rigid oesophagoscope lumen (left figure) and the forceps used for its removal (right figure).

Removal of Foreign Body Using Netting Retraction Device




Migrating Foreing Body in Abdominal Alimentary Tract

 Foreign body (FB) admitted to have been swallowed in a 2 year old child.  X-ray showed the implicated FB in the abdomen.  The coin finally passed out on Day 5 post-ingestion with the aid of bowel enema.


Laryngeal Oedema in Upper Oesophageal Foreign Body Impaction