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Vocal Fold Mass


These figures show a whitish and granular right vocal fold mass.  It causes dysphonia and compensatory false vocal fold adduction upon phonation. 

Laryngeal Amyloidosis 


Right false vocal cord mass due to amyloidosis (X).  (R-right, L-left)




Endoscopic image taken immediate post-CO2 laser excision.  The patient's voice improved dramatically post-surgery.

Haemangioma of The Larynx

Haemangioma involving the right vocal fold edge.



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Glottic Carcinoma

Right-sided T1 - glottic carcinoma as seen by using transoral 70 degree rigid laryngoscopy technique.

Left-sided T1 - glottic carcinoma as seen by using distal chip flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy technique.


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Subcordal Mass


An insidiously developed left subcordal mass (arrow) which yet to be biopsied. 




The same patient above having the mass biopsied followed by excision using skimmer blade laryngeal microdebrider (M). 

Supraglottic Carcinoma


Tumour involving right false cord (X) and extending  inferiorly to true vocal cord. [L- left, R-right]


Figure shows a bulky ulcero-fungating right T3-supraglottic carcinoma

during direct laryngoscopy.  The true vocal fold was immobile. 

Another example of right supraglottic carcinoma of larynx (X) as seen trans-orally by using 70 degree rigid endoscope.  (R - right, L - left)

Subglottic Carcinoma

Primary carcinoma of subglottis (+).



Bilateral subglottic carcinoma with anterior commissure involvement.  Superior extension causes the right vocal cord to become swollen resulting in glottic narrowing.  (LVF - left true vocal fold, RVF - right true vocal fold)

Obstructive Transglottic Tumour

 Before surgery.


After CO2-laser excision surgery.


Although clinically it looks very suspicious of tumour,

histopathological examination showed a polyp instead.


Watch video on laser surgery of laryngeal tumour @ YouTube


Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid with Endotracheal Involvement

             Carcinoma invasion seen                 Debulking of tumour with micro- 

               below the vocal folds.                    debrider prior to stent placement

                                                                          in an inoperable patient.

Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Basaloid carcinoma presenting with stridor, globus sensation and episodic blood-stained mucous upon coughing.  Endoscopic examination showed a locally-advanced supraglottic tumour sandwiching the epiglottis.

Laryngeal endoscopy of the same patient after completion of chemo-radiation.  Tracheostomy was perfomed earlier due to stridor caused by tumour obstruction.

Vocal Cord Cordectomy

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Type I [Subepithelial] CO2-Laser Cordectomy as Diagnostic Procedure for Suspected Vocal Fold Malignancy

BEFORE Surgery

AFTER Surgery

Please note the vocal ligament is still intact. 

Further intervention would depends on histopathological findings.

Type II [Subligamentous] CO2-Laser Cordectomy

                    BEFORE Surgery                               AFTER Surgery

Healed mucosa.

Type III [Transmuscular] CO2-Laser Cordectomy

                 BEFORE Surgery                                    AFTER Surgery 

Type IV [Total] CO2-Laser Cordectomy


         T1 SCC of right true vocal fold.              View at completion of surgery.

                         At rest.                                         Upon phonation.