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Oedematous Uvula

An oedematous and hypertrophied uvula in a snorer.

Retractile Uvula

Broad and muscular retractile uvula due well-formed underlying muscularis uvula.

Elongated Uvula

Elongated uvula can be associated with habitual snoring and OSA

as well as potential cause of unexplained throat irritation and coughs. 

Incidental finding in aymptomatic individual is common.

Elongated uvula secondary to traumatic intubation.

Uvula Injury with Punctate Patechiae & Mucosal Fibrinous Exudates Formation



Iatrogenic abrasion of the uvula complicating throat packing during performed for antral washout.  This is self-limiting and treatment is symptomatic.

Oropharyngeal Papillomas

              Arising from uvula tip.                                  Arising from proximal

                                                                            left palatopharyngeal fold.

Another example of uvula papilloma (arrow) - left figure and the excised specimen - right figure. (U - uvula)

Arising from dorsal aspect of central soft palate

beyond the base of uvula.



A pedunculated uvula papilloma in another patient seen under general anaesthesia. 




Watch video of pedunculated papilloma removal @ YouTube

Uvula Mass

An incidental finding of mass at dorsal surface of uvula tip (arrow).


Haemangioma involving left side of soft palate encroaching tonsillar fossa. 

Haemangioma imvolving uvula, soft palate, and left tonsillar fossa.