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Capillary Ectasia (Including KTP Laser Treatment)

Anterior Commissure Scar & Variceal Lesion

Arrow - anterior commissure scar, rounded rectangle - variceal lesion, LVF - left vocal fold, RVF right vocal fold.  Flexometallic endotracheal tube is seen centrally.

Intracordal Vocal Fold Cyst & Vascular Ectasia


This image shows a swollen left true vocal fold due to an intracordal cyst.  There is an abnormal capillary on the opposite vocal fold (blue arrow) which needs to be treated as well.  This vessels predispose to vocal fold haemorrhage with subsequent development of benign vocal lesions and scarring.

 Close-up view of the same lesion showing an obviously abnormal subepithelial vessels of right true vocal fold. (R - right, L - left)

Vascular Lakes with Ectasia and Vocal Fold Nodules

Dotted circle -vascular lakes with ectasia, arrows - nodules 

Vascular Ectasia: Bipolar Cautery

Abnormal capillaries predispose to vocal fold haemorrhage and may result in benign vocal fold lesions and scar formation.  KTP and pulse-dye laser would

be ideal for the management of these lesions. However, bipolar diathermy at

low power setting is a good alternative if laser is not available.


Watch video on telangiectasia of true vocal folds @ YouTube